Students frustrated over lack of gun reform


As negotiations on gun reform continue in Washington, so does the violence. Two mass shootings have occurred each day since the massacre at a school in Uvalde, Texas. 

The frustration over inaction from Congress continues too, with student walkouts from Maryland to California. 

This week, House Republicans stated their opposition to most gun reform proposals. Some in the Republican Party back hardening school security, but students admit they're still worried. 

“It's crazy to know that when I come into school every day, I'm lucky that I get to come home. I think that's not something that I should be feeling,” said Michael Kahwaty, a student in Little Falls, New Jersey, where officers are patrolling school halls. 

President Biden laid out a series of proposals Thursday, including a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. 

“How much more carnage are we willing to accept?” Mr. Biden said in a primetime speech. 

But in a narrowly divided U.S. Senate, where 60 votes and both parties' support are needed, many of the president's proposals aren't on the table. 

“Right now there aren't the votes in the Senate to ban assault weapons,” Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., told CBS News. “But there may be the votes in the Senate to be able to expand our background check system, to help states pass ‘red flag' laws, for additional mental health funding.” 

Mr. Biden said Friday he would soon get involved. 

“I will do what I can to try to see to it that we have some real progress,” he said. 

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