Kevin McCarthy pitches House GOP's vision to 'save America' in new ad


House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy unveiled a new promotional video on Friday, pitching House Republicans’ vision for the country. 

The ad juxtaposes images of President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris with Republican lawmakers, whom Mr. McCarthy calls fighters for the nation.

“When they walk away, we step up. When they stay silent, we speak up. When they silence us, we speak louder and longer,” the California Republican says in the video. “We are Republicans. We are conservatives. We believe in freedom, in family, in security, in prosperity, and we fight for you.”

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The minority leader paints the GOP’s vision as one that will secure borders, stop socialism and “save America.”

“House Republicans have a commitment to America. We will never back down,” he says.

Republicans are expected to have a bullish year in the 2022 midterm elections. Midterms typically give an advantage to the party not in control of the White House.

House Republicans need to flip just five seats to take back the lower chamber.

Mr. McCarthy is viewed as a favorite to win the House speakership if the GOP captures the majority.

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