Woman quarantined at home discovers her boyfriend cheating on NYE


A British woman was in for a tragic surprise on New Year’s Eve 2020 when she found her boyfriend in bed with another girl.

Manchester resident Ally Newsham, now 30, had been dating her beau Ross Thaker, now 32, for almost two years.

Thaker told Newsham that he was at a pal’s house on New Year’s Eve while she was quarantining at home alone.

She explained what went down to HotSpot Media, and said she was “crushed” that she couldn’t be with her man to ring in 2021.

“When he didn’t reply to my texts, I knew something wasn’t right. After I found out he’d been having sex with someone while I was celebrating alone, I felt sick to my stomach,” the account manager said.

She met Thaker in January 2019 on the Tinder dating app, and they “fell for each other straight away.“ Everything was going smoothly, and Newsham even moved in with his family. She revealed that she felt “lucky” to have him and that he would leave her sweet notes and had dinner ready once she got home from work.

Newsham was unable to celebrate New Year’s Eve with her boyfriend as she was forced to self-isolate for 10 days because she had recently come in contact with someone who was infected with COVID-19. The pair was devastated, but spent the days talking on the phone.

Manchester, England, resident Ally Newsham couldn’t spend New Year’s Eve 2020 with her boyfriend because she was forced to self-isolate after coming in contact with someone who had the coronavirus.
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However, the evening before New Year’s Eve was when things got weird. Newsham explained that Thaker went quiet, and she assumed that he went to sleep early. The next morning, he sent her a snap of his breakfast that was on a table she had never seen before.

“Confused, I asked him where he was and he said he was at a male friend’s house. I thought it was odd as I’d never heard of the friend. But I decided I was being paranoid,” she continued, adding that he ignored her calls for the rest of the day.

She opted to make herself pretty and drink a bottle of Prosecco while stuck in isolation. While watching the fireworks, she waited for any sign of communication from Thaker, which she never received.

Thaker and Newsham during their two-year relationship.
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“Then, at midnight, he didn’t even wish me [a Happy New Year]. I was so upset with him, I just went to bed,” Newsham noted. The next day, when she tried to call Thaker, another woman answered his phone.

Newsham explained, “The woman said I needed to stop calling Ross and that he was with her. I was speechless. Shaking, I told her I was Ross’ girlfriend of two years but she didn’t believe me. She said Ross told her we’d broken up ages ago.”

She burst into tears after the woman abruptly hung up the phone on her. “I couldn’t believe Ross had done this to me. I felt so betrayed,” she said. Her boyfriend texted her soon after, saying he loved her.

Newsham decided to spend the evening in quarantine drinking wine and getting all dolled up instead of feeling miserable.
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Newsham’s epic reply: “He says whilst lay in another woman’s bed.”

After her quarantine ended, she drove to her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend’s house to confront him. Thaker admitted his infidelity and confessed he met a woman on Facebook Dating right after her isolation started. He had been sleeping with her at her house for three days.

“I was heartbroken and told him never to talk to me again,” Newsham revealed, stating that he attempted to see her multiple times and begged her to take him back.

“Each time, I let him stand outside in the cold, knocking on the door,” she concluded. “Although it was hard, as time passed, I finally began to heal.” She has since found a new man to love and spent New Year’s Eve 2021 with him.

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