The Post endorses Jack Ciattarelli for NJ governor


With the Garden State reeling from the pandemic, ever-rising taxes and soaring crime, Jersey voters have a clear choice in this year’s election: Vote for Jack Ciattarelli and oust Gov. Phil Murphy.

Murphy is yet another Goldman Sachs veteran who used his wealth to buy his way into the governorship for the fun retirement project of imposing “progressive transformation.”

Ciattarelli is a genuine Jersey businessman who’s cared about the state his whole life, also serving in the Legislature. He has a far better understanding of regular people’s troubles and of New Jersey’s true needs.

Property taxes are up 4 percent under Murphy, with more hikes sure to come as he grows not only state government, but also Trenton’s mandates on local governments. He’s boosted state income and other taxes to fund an $11 billion hike in state spending on various progressive dreams.

Ciattarelli vows to cut $10 billion in spending so he can undo Murphy’s job-killing tax hikes as well as freeze property taxes on anyone over 65 and add other relief on state taxes, such as letting first-time homeowners deduct mortgage interest, making student-loan payments another deduction and eliminating taxes on the sale of a family-owned business.

He’d also slash the corporate tax rate to reverse the ongoing exodus of big employers from New Jersey, while exempting the first $50,000 in small-business income from taxes.

Jersey small biz has taken a huge hit under Murphy, with a third of them closed since the pandemic started. Yet Murphy is eyeing yet more mandates and lockdowns if he wins re-election. Ciattarelli argues the mandates have already gone too far, particularly Murphy’s anti-science order for all schoolchildren to mask up.

Incumbent Gov. Phil Murphy debating Ciattarelli in Glassboro , New Jersey on October 12, 2021.
AP Photo/Frank Franklin II, Pool, File

Team Murphy has conveniently not finished its promised internal review of the New York-like COVID disaster at the state’s nursing homes, while the feds are probing the clear mismanagement at state-run veterans’ homes.

Meanwhile, Murphy’s ads blare outrageous lies about Ciattarelli’s stance on vaccines, claiming he’s even against standard childhood inoculations. The Republican simply follows the science in noting that COVID is not a serious threat to children and that masking kids doesn’t actually help anyone.

Then there’s crime: Gun homicides are up 36 percent this year over last, while Murphy has been busy handcuffing police with new limits on use of force and even criminal penalties for cops who stop and search underage kids for pot and booze.

Stop the Murphy madness: Vote for Ciattarelli and common-sense governance.

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