The Nets and Isles flopped. The Rangers couldn’t end the title drought. Now it’s up to the Yankees or Mets


The Rangers’ expulsion Sunday from the Stanley Cup playoffs also extended — for at least a few more months — the New York area’s decade-long drought without a championship among our nine teams in MLB, the NFL, the NBA and the NHL.

Yes, NYCFC copped an MLS title in December, but the wait continues for our first victory parade among those other sports since the Giants defeated the Patriots in the Super Bowl for a second time in five years in Feb. 2012.

That puts the Yankees and the Mets firmly on the clock and in the local spotlight for the remainder of the summer — and hopefully beyond.

Back in September, I attempted to handicap an order predicting the likelihood of the area’s next championship squad. We always ask those we cover for accountability, and the media certainly should be held to the same standard.

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