Putin demands US and NATO pull back from protecting Ukraine


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RUSSIA — On Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that US and NATO forces must pull back from their “aggressive” positions near Russia. He made the comments as the US and NATO allies have made discussion about what to do with Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine.

Putin insists that the movements by Russia are honest and that no ill intent is meant, but Ukraine tells a different story. The US placed sanctions on Russia over their actions, but it has not deterred Russia from their aggression.

Russia and the US are set to meet in Geneva to discuss the “tensions” but there is not much to discuss. Vladimir Putin is on course to take over key nations for Russia that were previously part of the USSR.

He insists that NATO needs to remove itself from any areas near Russia and that no protection or association should be given to Ukraine or former soviet nations. It’s a lot easier to take over a country if you have no threats nearby.

Putin asked how the US would feel if they placed weapons near the Mexican or Canadian border in a hypothetical scenario. The difference is that both Mexico and Canada do not view the US as a threat to their sovereignty. Russia is obviously a threat to the nation of Ukraine given their actions.

According to the AP, Putin went on to blame the “west” for swindling and cheating Russia following the fall of the USSR. Again, drawing attention to the fact that Putin would like to rebuild the USSR once again.

Putin was super critical of the US in his speech, which will continue to put pressure on the already failing presidency of Joe Biden. Biden has failed in his leadership through multiple issues at home and abroad, most notably the massive failure in Afghanistan.

The White House has not responded to Putin’s comments as of yet. Instead, the Biden regime is more focused on their ramped-up COVID efforts in the states.

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