Dog chases mountain lion in home's backyard to protect his family


A brave dog is recovering after chasing a mountain lion roaming around a La Verne, California home Monday, reports CBS Los Angeles.

The pit bull, named Rocky, is being called a hero by his family after defending their home near the Angeles National Forest, chasing the mountain lion away.

In surveillance video that captured the scary ordeal in the backyard of the house, Rocky starts barking and taking on the big cat to protect his owner.

“The mountain lion was looking right at me,” said homeowner Mary Padres, who initially spotted it. “It was huge.”

Rocky bolted after the big cat, out of the back yard and up the hill behind the house.

“The whole reason he went after the mountain lion was to make sure I'm OK,” said Padres.

The family later grabbed flashlights to look for Rocky, then found him and carried him back inside, despite the possibility that the mountain lion could still be lurking.

A large mountain lion has been spotted twice in the area in the last two weeks.

California Fish and Wildlife is investigating the incident to make sure it isn't a threat to neighbors.

Padres told CBS L.A. she's sure it's the same one, and she recently heard some other animal being attacked.

Rocky sustained 8 large puncture wounds that required 30 stitches, but is expected to recover.

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