Dave Mlicki relives the first Subway Series game and his historic night: ‘It’s still cool’


Dave Mlicki made it to the finish line in two shutouts during a 10-year big-league career, but he jokes that he’s never been asked in retirement about the one he tossed for the Dodgers at Coors Field — an impressive feat unto itself — in 1998.

That’s because the previous year — 25 years ago today — Mlicki forever etched his name in Mets lore by posting nine consecutive zeros at Yankee Stadium in the first regular-season interleague game involving the crosstown rivals.

Details of the inaugural Subway Series between the Mets and the Yankees remain prominent in Mlicki’s mind, largely because he still regularly is asked to recount them by fans and media, especially at this time of year.

“It was really cool then, and it’s cool now. I still have people sending me stuff to sign from that night,” the 54-year-old Mlicki told Post Sports+ over the phone on Wednesday. “Someone recently sent me a Post back page and one of the articles, and I signed right on it, which felt cool that someone thought enough of it to keep that for all these years.

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