Biden says it’s time to force radical legislation on Americans no matter what


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Atlanta, GA — Speaking in Atlanta, President Joe Biden says that he is tired of the status quo in America. He said that he supports changing any rules necessary to force through partisan legislation. Specifically, he was referring to the move to federalize elections.

Such a move would go directly against the will of the American people. Republicans hold 50 Senate seats, representing the will of millions of Americans across the country.

Biden and the Democrats do not care, they want to force this legislation through no matter the cost. They claim that the measure would “protect democracy” which is nothing short of misleading.

The legislation would allow Democrats to take over elections, removing rights and removing protections of elections. It is exactly the opposite of what Democrats claim.

The law would allow voter fraud without any protections, would allow unproven citizens to vote, and ban any voter ID laws. It prohibits states from purging voter rolls, allowing Democrats to continue to allow those who have moved or those who have died to vote in elections.

The law would federalize voter districts, allowing the controlling party the ability to gerrymander districts in favor of their own party at the federal level. It would allow convicted felons the right to vote once again. Those are only a few of the issues.

I could go on and on about the mail-in ballot schemes, the way they are attempting to allow ballot harvesting or the ridiculous drop-off boxes. From front to back, the bill the Democrats are attempting to pass will not protect “democracy.” It will crush our Constitutional Republic.

Biden, who only has the support of around 40% of Americans, believes this is what Americans want. He and the Democrats believe that Americans want to be force-fed their radical agenda no matter the cost.

It will only start with their attempts to federalize elections. Then it becomes their massive spending bills and more radical communist policies. This is not about just the election bill as they want to claim.

This is the Democrats ramping up pressure on Manchin and Sinema, their only obstacles, so they can transform America into their communist dream world. So far, Manchin has resisted any attempts to sway his vote.

I guess we should all hope that Biden does not have dirt on Manchin to force his hand. It seems that since the mainstream media is ignoring Sinema she may be easier to sway.

Plus, we still have the 2022 elections to worry about. If the Democrats somehow pick up two seats, or flip these seats away from Manchin and Sinema, it changes the entire situation.

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