Biden declares war on conservatives in his speech marking January 6


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WASHINGTON — In a speech meant to lay the groundwork for the midterm elections, President Joe Biden blasted former President Donald Trump and anyone who supported him. Along with the attacks, Joe Biden made some ridiculous claims that must be looked at.

First, he said that anyone who supported Donald Trump was a twisted group of Americans. He claimed that they were attempting to rewrite the history of Election Day as a day of insurrection and expression of the will of the people. He said that was a twisted way for a group to view our nation.

As he continued his comments, he said, “I did not seek this fight, brought to this Capitol one year from today. But I will not shrink from it either. I will stand in this breach, I will defend this nation. I will allow no one to place a dagger at the throat of this democracy.”

Those are bold claims from a man that has neglected nearly every single aspect of being President since taking office. It would also not be the first fight he gave up on either.

Just take a look at his recent comments related to COVID. During the campaign, we were promised that he would eradicate the virus. Americans were told just to take the vaccine and it will all go away. Instead, Biden now says there is nothing the federal government can do to end the virus or the pandemic.

This is exactly what Donald Trump and many other conservatives said from the beginning. If you wanted to take a vaccine to try and lower your risks, so be it. They are controversial and we are not sure the long-term effects, but this is a virus that will mutate and it cannot be stopped as they claimed. So Biden threw up his hands and said he gave up.

He said he was going to make our country better also. He said that he was going to “build back better.”

He claimed that we just need to spend trillions of dollars, give away some free handouts, postpone education payments, force people into submission, and look at spending more money. After trillions spent, forced closures, vaccinations, and free handouts, America is far worse off than ever before.

Inflation continues to hurt Americans. Americans are leaving the job market, choosing to work for themselves rather than to take the vaccine as Biden has mandated. Businesses all across the country cannot find workers. That is much different from it was two years ago under Donald Trump.

But he was going to build back better right? Instead, he has given up on the economy as well. He realizes that he cannot get the spending plans passed and instead he has decided he and his Democrat radicals will just focus on control. That’s all they are after with the election law they are trying to pass.

Besides all his failures and rhetoric, who is Joe Biden saying he is willing to fight? Is he really saying he is willing to fight over 70 million Americans that voted for Donald Trump? Is he really willing to fight the nearly 60% of Americans who say that he is a failure?

Democrats and Rino’s are all arguing that moving on from the events of January 6 is the only way to save democracy. Does anyone care to tell them we are a Constitutional Republic? Anyone care to tell them that they are to represent the will of the people, and not just the less than 5% special interest groups?

Joe Biden officially declared war on conservatives today in his speech. He said he is ready for a fight, a fight to eliminate your point of view and a fight to eliminate your say in anything regarding the direction of this country.

We cannot be quitters like Joe Biden. This is about so much more than Donald Trump. This is about more than January 6. This is a fight to save the Republic from radical communism.

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