Biden admits failure with his absence on Election Day


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WASHINGTON — It is Election Day and results should be expected later this evening in several key races. In those races, we should get a review of how Americans really feel about Joe Biden.

While I believe we are all watching the Virginia governor’s race, perhaps the New Jersey governor’s race, and some other key matters up for vote on Tuesday, the unreported story is that Joe Biden is not in the United States at all.

In fact, he was not scheduled to fly home until late in the evening today from Europe, where he has been sleeping through meetings with his globalist world leader friends. That should be the part that tells Americans everything they need to know about Joe Biden’s agenda.

When a politician believes in their cause and believes that it is important, they campaign on it. They take the case to the American people and try to win over the people. Again, Biden is in Europe not in the United States.

If Biden truly believed in his agenda, the President would be in the United States campaigning on behalf of Democrats. He would be in Virginia sharing how the McAuliffe education plan is a winner and how Youngkin is just another Donald Trump.

The media would love the opportunity. They would cover it and place those items on repeat for all Americans to see all day. Did I mention that Joe Biden is not in the United States at the moment?

Joe Biden and his handlers know one thing: that Americans have no interest in the garbage they are selling. That’s why his approval rating is falling through the floor. That is why Youngkin was able to easily pull ahead of McAuliffe in the most recent polls in Virginia. That is why Republicans are leading on nearly every single issue when surveyed.

If Biden and the Democrats truly believed they stood a chance at getting the “Pack Garbage Better” plan passed, he would be here trying to continue selling it to the American people. Instead, he went silent. Biden does not want to be tied to a losing cause and to a lost election.

So Biden went completely silent, or at least snoring during his nap, rather than staying here to continue what he says is necessary for America. He said that all these measures were critical to the continued growth and success of our nation. It was just another radical lie.

Americans need to pay attention to what happened. If the radical left wins in Virginia and in some key races across the nation, it will be back to business as usual on Wednesday. If Youngkin pulls out the victory in Virginia, Biden and the radical left believe they have spared their agenda through his absence. They believe they can weather the storm with just a day or two of silence.

With his absence, Biden has admitted his agenda and his presidency are both a failure. He has admitted that he is unable to deliver on his promises of unity and making America better than the great place that Trump made it.

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