A Lullaby for Joe


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WASHINGTON — The United Nations kicked off its Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, and it must have been a riot so much so that President Joe Biden was caught taking a little nap.

The video clip shows Biden nodding off for a moment with his little snooze being ended thanks to an aide coming to speak in his ear. I like to think he was told: “C’mon man, wake up. You’re embarrassing us.”

Later at the summit, Biden had a prepared list of reporters to take questions from.

I wonder what kind of lullaby helps Biden sleep? It might go like this:

Go to sleep,

Uncle Joe,

And we’ll see you tomorrow.

The puppet masters,

Have your strings,

And you’re under our control.

Or maybe it’s this little ditty from the always affable and happy Greta Thunberg.

There were some other little amusing stories that create some fodder like the hypocrisy of these jet setting tyrants telling all of us that we must cut our energy use while they increase theirs. Or there was CNN’s Wolf Blitzer showing up to the wrong Scottish city reporting from Edinburgh rather than Glasgow.

However, as fun as it might be to poke fun at the elites, they will be the ones having the last laugh if we the people focus on these petty stories. The real story is that this is yet another confab among the globalist elites who are hellbent on destroying all sovereignty and personal liberty.

Last summer, Biden said the Pentagon and Joint Chiefs of Staff told him when he was vice president that “the greatest threat facing America was… global warming.”

Yes, it’s so dangerous that you can sleep through it. As Tyler Durden, for Zero Hedge, wrote: “The question must be asked: does even the president himself or the administration really believe its own apocalyptic climate alarmist rhetoric? At the very least, the body language says no….”

I would take the word of another Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm. Michael G. Mullen, who said our national debt was the greatest national security threat. America’s debt now stands at $28.9 trillion, according to usdebtclock.org. Mullen was the chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff from 2007 to 2011. America’s debt was $10.8 trillion in 2008 and $15.8 trillion in 2012.

Marc Morano, founder of Climate Depot, says this meeting of the elites is the true threat. He said: This is our greatest national security threat is this UN summit and the climate agenda.”

“Right now, we’re at the show phase, but the problem is that the show phase leads to the reality phase,” Morano said. He added: (Biden’s) shutting down American domestic energy for the climate agenda causing energy crisis here, skyrocketing prices, shortages, gas prices like we’ve never seen.”

In his speech to the globalists, Biden pushed his so-called “Build Back Better” agenda, or better stated “Build Back Bankrupt,” as Morano called it.

Biden’s speech was replete with pandering rhetoric which he concluded: “God bless you all, and may God save the planet.

We’ll demonstrate to the world the United States is not only back at the table but hopefully leading by the power of our example,” Biden said as he described the “investments” he’ll force the taxpayers to make. They include “generational investment,” “historic investment” and “significant investment.” What he means is we’re all going to pay big to push the globalist agenda of power and control over all of us.

The “climate change” agenda will cost $555 billion, according to Reason Magazine, and is part of the $1.8 trillion “Build Back Better” plan.

And this climate change cult’s agenda is already working as we see the average price of new cars skyrocketing, as Eric Peters reports. The agenda is to destroy our means of transportation. Biden has said “we’ll take, literally, millions of automobiles off the road” as the authoritarians want us driving cars we don’t want to buy.

If market forces were still operative, the car companies would be looking for ways to reduce the cost of cars (and trucks) as by making them simpler, as by making some (many) of the features that have become standard optional,” Peters wrote.

Peters added: “Instead, they add more standards – especially electronic ones, most of them features few if any buyers seem to really want but which every buyer is expected to pay for. Huge touchscreens; hybrid drivetrains. Electrified – and electronic – everything.

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